Catalytic Elm before restoration
After full restoration

The Elm stove is one of the finest wood stoves ever manufactured. A blend of sculptural elegance and innovative design, The Elm wood stove was handmade in the mountains of Vermont from 1976-1989. Many people are still using Elm stoves built over 40 years ago.
Elm Wood Stoves were available in three sizes and two body styles. Vermont Iron Stove has made these favorites since 1975. Customers all across America consult us and purchase parts to rebuild them and keep them as trusted wood heaters in homes, camps, and workshops of every description. The Restored Elm stoves have kept the classic beauty of the older models and have incorporated the latest secondary burn technology to give their owners more heat from less wood. The 24″ Catalytic Elm is pictured with the original cast iron warming shelves, Elm tree, ash apron, and door handle, all with new nickel plating for a striking high-contrast visual combination. Classic Satin Black high-temperature stove paint will go with any décor, with or without nickel stove parts. Features such as long stove legs and the 14″ loading door make this an easy stove to load and operate for young and old alike. The simple air intake and the generous viewing window allow you additional ease of operation and a romantic view of the active flames with greater heat output and efficiency than you could get from any open fireplace.